About Me

Yagya Man Bajracharya was born in 13th August 1941 AD. He lives in Kuleswor, KTM ward no.14 Kathmandu, Nepal. He has achieved academic qualification in Master of Commerce, Tribhuwan University, Nepal (1963) and Bachelor of Law, Tribhuwan University, Nepal (1974). He was the founder member of Nava Aadarsha School (Basantapur), Mahendra Ratna Public College and Tahachal Campus (Kathamandu Campus).

Currently, he is the president of Dharmodaya Sabha and actively job finder involving in each and every activities related with this organization. Besides this, he is regularly busy in ritual activities and providing training for Charya Song and Dance students from Nepal and abroad.

He has contributed several years in government services. Some of his role are as follows:

  • Financial Comptroller General from 1991 July to 1992 Nov at Office of the Financial Comptroller General, HMG.
  • JointSecretry (Financial Adminstration Division) from 1989 August 1990 July at Ministry of  Agriculture, Singha Durbar
  • Chief Controller from 1981 May to 1989 Aug at Treasurary and Controller Office, Kathmandu
  • Chief of the office from 1981 Dec to 1984 Aug at Kaushi Toshakhana, Kathmandu
  • Chief Accountant from 1980 July to 1981 Dec at Malaria Eradication Project
  • Senior Accountant,Account Officer from 1965 Nov to 1974 Feb at Land Reform Department, Ministry of  Land Reform, Department of Land Adminstration
  • Instructor from 1964 Dec to  1965 Nov at Accountant Training Project

He has been honored by many awards like Gorakha Dakchhin Bahu, Trisaktipatta, Subharajyabhishek Pada, Drigha Sewa Pada, Janapada Sewa Pada and Teshro Sarce Sammelan Pada etc.

He has grabbed huge experience from the different Buddhist functions as a main priest. He has written many books. He has also published articles regarding buddhist religion. Some of them are :

  • Lilabajra Kasthamandap Nirmata
  • Vajrayanya Paramparaye Yoginiya Bhumika
  • Swoyamnbhy Samchhipt Parichaya
  • Viswomarudha Ekalbeer
  • Yoganbhar Samadhi

Similarly, he has also presented presentation paper on different работа найти seminar as follow:

  • Subject – “Charya Geet”
    • Lotus Research Center, 2053BS
    • Nepal Mandal Bauddha Sanskrit Sammelan, 1119NS
    • International Folklore Congress, May 2001AD
  • Subject – “Nepaya Prachin Bajracharya Lilabajra” at seminar organized by Lotus Research Center, 2059BS
  • Subject – “Bajracharya Paramparaye Yoginiya Bhumikaya Mahatwo” at Fourth International Nepalmandal Buddhist Culture Seminar, 2062BS

List of Some Published books :

Published by Manisingha Mahavihar Mushumbahal, Japatu, Kathmandu

  1. Mha Pujabhidhi, NS 1124
  2. Guru, Mandal wa Gurumandal, NS 1124
  3. Nepaya Prachin Bajracharya Lilabajra, NS 1126

Published by Bauddha Darsan Addyayan Pucha, Ikubahal

  1. Yaygaman Pati Bajracharya Pranit Yogambar Samadhi, BS 2064

Published by Nepal Bauddha Samrakshen Kentra, Mhyapi

  1. Vishomarudha Ekalbira, NS 1127
  2. Vajrayan Paramparaye Yoginiya Bhumika, NS 1128
  3. Saptabidhanottar Puja Ek Chinari
  4. Treesamadhi Bidhi, BS 2065
  5. Kushapuja Bidhi, BS 2065

Published by Swoyambhu Byawasthapan Tatha Samrakshen Mahasamiti

  1. Swoyambhu : Samchhipta Parichaya, NS 1129


  1. Nijamati Prasashanma Aausadhi Upacharko Byawastha, BS 2044
  2. Bauddha Dharmama Pujaka Sidhanta tatha Byabahar, BS 2053
  3. Rajguruju Ratnapani bajracharya
  4. Gurumandal Bhawana Sambandhi Bidhi Bidhan

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